I’ve been there!  That’s why I created a foundational roadmap called Rock Your Healing so you have the steps you need laid out in front of you and moving on with your life is clear.

Are you ready to finally move on with your life and no longer be identified by past abuse/trauma?

Want to stop the cycle of attracting emotionally unavailable partners?


No. It’s not too much to ask for a healthy and stable relationship.

Heal from your trauma, your past

Re-discover yourself

End the cycle of toxic relationships

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve tried a lot of things from traditional therapies to self-help books


you question yourself if anything will work for you

You’re tired of the constant cycle of attracting emotionally unavailable people


you ask the question….why do I keep attracting the same kind of misfit partner?

You want to learn how not to get triggered and express your emotions without any difficulty


you find you get triggered and it takes a lot of time to recover, if you recover at all

That’s why I built this place…

…the Rock Your Healing Membership is the result of my personal experience with abuse from a young age and a deep desire to heal myself first…

now I am on a mission to help others just like you and me!


There is a reason you are stuck in the pain of the past….its not your fault

When I’m not laying in the front yard beside my dreamy police officer husband and my dog Jack and watching my beautiful children cycle down the road,

I coach people on how to heal from their childhood trauma! I coach people like you how to attract and develop good relationships in their lives.

I am not:

  •  A Mindset Guru
  •  A Motivational Speaker
  • A Magician (that’d be cool though!)
  • An overpriced, overbooked group coach who doesn’t know the names of his/her people who he/she claims to help…

I am a hardcore Rebel Relationship Coach who picks you up from the side of the road where those other folks had left you!


Now  imagine what life 
will be like when you
 have the stability  you crave?


Rock Your Healing! 

A membership program that practically guides you on how to get closer and more connected to yourself.

Real-life Knowledge. Guidance. Accountability. You’re getting everything in one place.

Here’s what you get immediately after joining today…

9 core lessons that’s going to help you take a step back and review your inner self. 

Because…my lovely… you’ve everything you need and want all within you…and you bet we’re going to dig that out.



9 Core Lessons

Each core lesson is a foundational piece that builds one on top of the other.  Lessons include tapping into the felt sense, honesty, dreaming and planning further out.


9 Practices/Activities

Each core lesson includes a core practice. Practices include breathwork, visualization exercises, worksheets, meditations and activities all meant for meaningful powerful inner work.


New Monthly Practice

Once you have completed the core lessons and practices, you are free to revisit a practice as you need it AND you will get a new monthly practice that supports your stability and healing.


Awesome Bonuses

On top of what you need for creating a stable foundation for your healing, you will get extra lessons and surprise guests to keep you supported in your journey.


I know you deserve more. That’s why you’re going to get more. 

Live Online Coaching Session TWICE a month.  

These are going to be kick-ass meetings, I promise.

Also, there’s a Facebook Group for all my Rebels.

Therapy is expensive, it seems like everyone wants an arm and a leg to help you heal

DEFEAT TRIGGERS - Have a solid foundation to connect, confirm, and handle your existing emotions and start to see what triggers those emotions.

VALIDATE YOURSELF – Quickly validate your feelings and the fact that you’re not the reason for all of it.

LIFT THE FOG - Enjoy a boost of self-assurance that you CAN do this, AND you’ll see a veil lifting off of all the doubts and negativity.

ATTRACT – Attract positive emotions, positive perspectives into your life, AND re-wire your mind not to go immediately to the dark places.

TRUST YOURSELF - Possess a powerful intuition to remain calm and to see through the dark times.

ROADMAP – Have a CRYSTAL CLEAR, ‘fool-proof’ roadmap for predictably growing and thriving throughout your whole beautiful self


Wasted Time....

Wasted Money....

Frustration Etc....

Rock Your Healing Rock Your Change

“Each experience we uncover things I had no idea were there.”


“I started working with Contessa in March 2015. Her approach is honest, up front and not abrasive; which would have been a big no to me. I am cautious with who and what I allow to influence my life. I felt immediately comfortable and confident with Contessa on our first meeting. I have definitely moved forward in my journey of self-improvement. I feel when we meet, I can be honest and not be judged. Each experience we uncover things I had no idea were even there. Contessa seems to know what to touch on like its second nature. I trust her direction and greatly appreciate being able to talk with someone and to uncover my future. Contessa is personable, fun, genuine, knowledgeable and professional.”

Brenda Sisson


Cancel Anytime for any reason, no questions asked

You ‘ll receive instant access to the core 9 lessons and all the worksheets and practices.

No refunds will be given once the materials have been delivered.  If you cancel, you have access for a full 30 days after previous payment with no further charges.

Here's What Other Rebels Are Saying

“Working with Contessa is very empowering.”

“Working with Contessa is very empowering, it’s enlightening and it’s just such a positive experience. When I finished my hour with her I just have this tremendous amount of energy and in a peaceful place feeling empowered and capable.”

Gayle P.

“I’ve learned to face my fears and step into uncomfortable.”

“It’s been great! I’ve made new connections and found things out about myself through those connections that were getting in my way and keeping me stuck from growing. I’ve learned to face my fears and step into uncomfortable to identify the barriers that get in my way and move past them. By looking inward with the guidance of those that love and care for me I have been able to move forward and grow.”

Tammy L.

I have had major breakthroughs allowing me the ability to move forward in my life goals and purposes.

“I began the mastermind movement class with Contessa based on a feeling I had when I read the invitation to join. My gut told me there was something in it that I needed and I chose to listen that day and act on it by signing up. Had I waited a day, two or more I probably would have talked myself out of it and missed the many opportunities that have already blessed my life. Now completing half of the Years course, I have had major breakthroughs allowing me the ability to move forward in my life goals and purposes. The saying you don’t know what you don’t know is true ! I did not know the specific things I was holding onto, or rather the things that were in the driver seat of my life. I have found freedom from those chains and peace and joy in today !! Everyday ! Contessa has the gift to lead and guide you through group work, individual work, and events that are life altering. She knows how to see past the surface and ask the things that we aren’t able to see ourselves. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Contessa Akin !”

Shannan D.

Transformation Happens




Rock Your Healing Rock Your Change

“We did the work I hadn’t done before.”

“I lost like 30 pounds! The conversations we were having were more around my core nucleus and my family of origin. We did the work I hadn’t done before.It’s going to sound silly from a then 48 year old woman, but I grew up. I was stuck in my past, regardless if I knew it or not, I had been for years stuck in a life that I wasn’t participating in.”

Sharon M.


Who is this for?

• Women who have been to a coach or therapist, who are not brand new to healing work.

• Women who are READY to experience self-love, confidence, peace, safety, connections and whole-self embodiment & expression… with themselves and within a community

• Women who have experienced sexual or emotional trauma and deeply desire to heal in the most wholehearted ways.
• Women who know now it is their time, they cannot put this off any longer… even if they’re scared to enter into the unknown.
• Women who would consider themselves in a mostly stable position in their lives. Women who are supported by others to complete this deep work.

Who is this NOT for?

• Women who are brand new to healing work.

• Women who have recent histories or current significant challenges with disordered eating, self-harm or mental health. This is not to stigmatize these issues, but to acknowledge that the nature of this work is deep and immersive and while we move very slowly and safely, this Sisterhood may not be the best fit for those in the above situations.
• Women who would rather work purely in 1-1 sessions
• Women who want a 1, 2, 3 step cookie-cutter approach to healing. (This program requires personal engagement from you.)

Who are your Clients? Who do you work with?

I work with women who have experienced abuse

• They are moms
• Physical abuse survivors
• Emotional abuse survivors
• Sexual abuse survivors
• Fighters
• Open-minded
• Committed to themselves
• Eager to take action
• Courageous

Rock Your Healing Rock Your Change

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