It’s a life-defining question for Survivors, who despite investing
years in therapy and  self-help books STILL don’t feel confident in life and are afraid to be in meaningful relationships!

If there was a step-by-step process to RELEASE your
fear, shame, guilt
and finally get the confident life you crave without the confusing, unnecessary hurting or crippling ‘why me?’ feelings….

Would it be WORTH IT to you to overcome
your past and heal from within today

Here’s Why Anything Short of Sweet, Supportive Self-Talk in Your Head is Costing You…Your Life

Everyday, you’re struggling to just get by….
and you choose to disconnect, sleep, use a substance or anger as a tool to numb out the pain.
But you’re not realizing that this is not living, this is just surviving.


Are you ready to go from merely surviving to loving life?

If you’ve already gone through multiple counselors or your plan is to do nothing about it because you’re convinced that you’re never going to feel normal again,

Your desire to live a life where you’re not hurting all the time rests on your answer to the question above!


that you are NOT living the life you should  


If current self-help books and therapies aren’t working for you at all, and instead they are draining your time, energy and resources…

then keep reading…

Because what follows could easily be the most pivotal moment
you look back on… in a few weeks from now you could FINALLY see the beacon of hope!

Imagine what it will be like to be CERTAIN that you’re able to finally RELEASE YOURSELF from your past with NO REGRET and that you’re ready to tackle life!

Without being ashamed.  Without being triggered.  Without being afraid.

But First…

Let Me Tell You
About the Million Dollar Question 

(and why I still feel literal chills when I hear it.)

You’ve probably been asked this too. Maybe dozens of times. 

By your family members, friends, concerned loved ones, children and spouses.

They ask it with the best of intentions.

But even still, it can land like an A-bomb to a person who survived abuse or childhood trauma.

Especially when you’re hurting all the time, trying your best to ignore your feelings, distract yourself from feeling down yet unsure if you ever will feel good…or live peacefully.

So… what’s the question?  It’s a simple question.

“What’s the Plan?”

Or shall I say- “how are you going to stop being so                                     depressed, stop hurting yourself and                                           start feeling normal once again?”


Before…it was enough to make me angry and feel ashamed.  I just wanted to slip into an invisible cloak and bury myself into a pile of old clothes in a closet where no one will look!

Well, we can have a serious discussion on what is ‘normal,’ but let’s not jump into those deep dark, society-created labels just yet.

I dig down into those things with my people all the time.

But let’s focus on the question.  What’s the question?  Oh yea… What’s the plan??

It’s a question that can make you feel so little and so guilty.

(or in my case, like a flat out failure)

And I still remember the event when ‘Suzy from the suicide line’ asked me that. 

It’s almost 14 years ago just after I lost my third child. 

Despite having 2 beautiful children and a caring husband on my side, I was totally losing myself in self-doubt, guilt and shame.  I had convinced myself that I was truly unworthy.

And I literally orchestrated my suicide. I had a plan!

I was going to take care of everything that needed to be taken care of and then…

I’ll just exit from life like I wasn’t even there.

But even still…

I’m grateful ‘Suzy’ asked me this question.

My loved ones had asked me this in so many other ways.

It’s OK to be grateful too if people are asking you.

Because of this single question… and the actions you take, you could finally be able to answer it with unshakable confidence.  It’s an answer that holds the key to your flourishing self-love.

With all that you’ve been through – the unspeakable, indescribable event/s that scarred you for life, you DESERVE to be happy.

  • You DESERVE to know exactly how to fully live a life where you’re not hurting all the time and your inner-critic isn’t breathing down your neck.
  • You DESERVE to have wonder woman-like energy to lead life your own way and not feel ashamed of the things that happened to you.

You don’t deserve to live miserably… trust me, no one does!

I know without a doubt, you DESERVE to live your happiest life.  It’s your birthright! 

In a moment I’m going to show you how to FINALLY tip the scales back in your favor!

But first, a few key things for you to acknowledge….

The 5 Reasons why you’re still stuck in the cycle of

“living with trauma is my life and it’s never going to change”

(And how to quickly get out of that rut.)

Let me guess!

You’ve been all around participating, reading and soaking up knowledge everywhere.


You’re still right where you started. 

You got lost in “all the things”.

…what kind of meditation should I do?

…will exercise help?

…this person says to write a journal every day?

…what should I do when I don’t feel like moving?

…I was told to be positive… so ok… how do I do that?

Ugh. Like I said,

– Too much content

– Too much ‘forced’ positivity

And they all have their place in your life, but what if you don’t know how to execute them? 

What’s the point?


*Confidence to ‘double down’ on super clear, ‘first we do this, then we do that’ healing strategies that give you momentum.

*Consistent, small implementation that gives you REAL progress.

*Slowly opening up different areas of your mind and body…

*So that a real shift can happen. 

This alone can make you feel a whole lot better! 


This is a REAL addiction! 

Self-help books are VERY comforting. 

It’s like someone is right beside you and talking to you.

But once you close the book all that goes ‘poooof’  It doesn’t stay with you!

Don’t get me wrong.

Self help books are a powerful tool to develop dialogue and build emotional expressions… heck I wrote one!

But….if you’re looking to heal and looking to build a confident life…

You won’t achieve that by ONLY READING books.

You CAN achieve it by TAKING ACTION! 

A healing journey is 2 steps forward and 4 steps back.

But it’s still 2 steps forward, right?

That’s why you have to go beyond self-help books. 


*To leverage a concrete set of exercises, meditations, and guidance. 

*Someone to help you open up those actions and show ‘what the exercises do?’ and ‘what did you do?’ and ‘why?’ 

*Because without open conversations about your situation, emotions and behavior – it’s like walking on a sunny road with wooden sunglasses on! You can’t enjoy the beautiful scenery because you can’t even see it!

Trust is a massive issue for people who’ve been abused!

Because often the abusers were people who were really close to us or who we looked up to and admired.

We were physically, sexually or emotionally abused as children and it affected our whole lives.

But you can choose…

Choose today that you’ll not give any more power to that person or thing or event that invaded your mental and emotional space. 


*A team of Rebels 🙂

*A community where there is no judgment, no questions… just answers. 

*A safe place where you don’t have to hide anymore.

*Someone to open up to about ALL of what you are going through and who’ll put a mirror in front of you.

*A mirror where you can see your true self… a self that CAN trust and endure.

*A self who isn’t what you know now. 

Ahh! This is a BIG one! 

So, we want lots of things.

But sometimes when that very ‘thing’ you want most is within your reach…

You DON’T grab it!

WHY??  Cause you’re afraid. 

Our mind/psyche is very good at keeping us stuck in our comfort zones. 

The second it senses danger, an awkward moment or an uncomfortable situation it does what it does best. 

It talks to you out of the situation. 

This is a BIG reason you’re stuck. 

You don’t take action, because you’re too fearful of the moments you’ll come across once you DO take action. 

This is your ‘scared-self’ talking. 


*To get out this rut you need structure, guidance and the company of people who are in the same boat as you. 

*This is when you’ll be able to open up fully and not get lost in your own mind games. 


You read that right. 

You are living 2 lives!

You’ve got two different identities.

One is a ‘secret real self’ and the other is a ‘superficial public persona’ that you cultivated to blend in with the ‘normals.’

You’re happy, jolly good on the outside, but on the inside you’re constantly blaming yourself. Sound familiar?

This is not the way to live.  Eventually your inner-self – the TRUE self will burst out!

And when it does, you may not be able to handle it.


*A support system and good self-care practices.

*A support system where you can share and talk about your traumatic experiences.

"I learned from interacting with the Mastermind Group and drawing from experiences across different and varied life experiences. I learned to speak up and that my input is valuable. I discovered roadblocks and deeper truths and ways to clear my path to a passionate life. I can say "yes" and I can say "no".
"I am starting to trust myself more and I have connected with my heart and my dreams more than I ever have. I have also started to dream big and challenge myself to step into hard things. I now know that I can handle hard things. I have been able to step into difficult things even when my emotions are telling me not to because I have learned that my feelings are merely indicators and not always 100% truth."

The good news is…

Healing From Trauma or Abuse IS Possible!

If you’ve made it this far,  you’re more than ready to change your life for good.


But maybe you didn’t know that! By building confidence with the 6-step Rebel Rising Freedom Framework that I’m about to share with you, you’ll also have the power to:

  • Have a solid foundation to connect, confirm and handle your existing emotions and start to see what triggers those emotions.
  • Quickly validate your feelings and the fact that you’re not the reason for all of it.
  • Enjoy a boost of self-assurance that you CAN do this, AND you’ll see a veil lifting off of all the doubts and negativity.
  • Attract positive emotions, positive perspectives into your life AND re-wire your mind not to go immediately to the dark places.
  • Possess a powerful intuition to remain calm and to see through the dark times.

Yes, these outcomes are ALL totally within your reach  (whether you’ve no idea what to do or you’ve come across a lot of content)….

But they DO depend on taking CONSISTENT ACTIONS through following a science backed, step-by-step approach. 

  • Ones that leverage personal and proven strategies while dodging all those thoughts and feelings of ‘nothing is good enough’ that constantly rip a hole through your momentum.
  • Ones that have been my secret weapon for healing through rape and childhood abuse, and also helped hundreds of other men and women to overcome their horrible pasts.


  • Ones that you’ll point back to in a few weeks from now with excitement!  You will wake up every morning, see yourself in the bathroom mirror and not feel the 100-pound emotional baggage on your shoulders!  Instead you’ll see a calm, totally kick-ass Rebel who is ready to take on the world!

Okay… okay… Wait a Minute!

Who the heck am I to tell you all of this?

Meet the Rebel Coach


Contessa Akin here.

When I’m not laying in the front yard beside my dreamy police officer husband and my dog Jack and watching my beautiful children cycle down the road,

I coach people on how to heal from their childhood trauma! I coach people like you how to attract and develop good relationships into their lives. 

I am not:

  • A Mindset Guru
  • A Motivational Speaker
  • A Magician (that’d be cool though!)
  • An overpriced, overbooked “group coach who doesn’t know the names of his/her people who he/she claims to help…”

I am a hardcore Rebel Relationship Coach who picks you up from the side of the road where those other folks had left you!

"I love Contessa and her ability to see me and help me focus on what the problem is and how to move through it."
Linda H.
I am growing in my ability to be authentic and real and I love life. My childhood dream that I have been holding on to for 40 years will come true. Fantastic! Thank you Contessa!"
Dan W

And if you'll allow me, I AM SO EXCITED to introduce you to my signature coaching program….

Rebel Rising Freedom Framework

With Contessa Akin

This 6-step science – backed framework helps you RELEASE the pain of your past…so that you can finally MOVE AWAY from the LIE of being unworthy to RECLAIM the PEACEFUL and CONFIDENT LIFE you want! 

I’ve invested 13 years working in the trenches with fellow survivors!

  • Survivors who’ve struggled to overcome their shame, guilt and fear of what happened to them… no matter how many self-help books they read, how many hours of Tony Robbins videos they watched or how many healing seminars they attended hoping to get an epiphany and a magical healing.

  • Survivors who were tired of wasting precious years and energy, getting overwhelmed with a plethora of information that may or may not have worked for someone.

  • Survivors who despite investing thousands of dollars into different things still haven’t yet achieved their desired life – a peaceful and thriving life.

  • Survivors who despite having some progress, believe that there’s no way out. They believe that being miserable, unhappy and angry is their only life and it’ll only end with their deaths… but they’re motivated as heck to change their life!

The Result is…

A 6-step framework that gives you a CRYSTAL CLEAR, ‘fool-proof’ roadmap for predictably growing and thriving throughout your whole beautiful self.

Here’s How 

we’ll do this-

Rebels Unite
(Part 1)

Set intentions and create a foundation for building the self-confidence you crave even if you hesitate to stand up for yourself now.

Instead of feeling scattered and chaotic, we'll set REAL goals.
Where the Rebellion Begins
(Part 2)

Uncover what’s been ruling your days and quickly shift it.

We get straight to the core of it all so you can identify what has been holding you back.
Take a Stand
(Part 3)

Stop the self-doubt once and for all! Fight the right fight! Bust out of survival mode!

Here we will shift the story to look out for the truth, plant our flags in the ground and discover real proof that has been there all along.
Fight The Right Fight
(Part 4)

Bust out of survival mode by putting your core story in physical form.

Like a Phoenix, we will dive into your core story, manipulate it, see it for what it truly is and free yourself from it so that you can breath again!
Its time to Take Charge
(Part 5)

At this point, you have done some significant work to FREE YOURSELF from the past. The real, authentic YOU is in charge now!

You run the show and it's time to dream and charge ahead making that dream happen!
Aligning The Forces
(Part 6)

Learn the four 'F words' every Rebel needs to fully trust him or her self!

Learning my favorite 'F words' opens up ALL the opportunities you need to move forward with NO STOPS along the way! You can trust the only person in the world who truly knows, understands and has your back...YOU!

"It's been great! I've made new connections and found things out about myself through those old connections that were getting in my way and keeping me stuck from growing. I've learned to face my fears and step into uncomfortable, to identify the barriers that get in my way and move past them.

By looking inward with the guidance of those that love and care for me I have been able to move forward and grow."
- Tammy L
"Working with Contessa is very empowering, it’s enlightening and it’s just such a positive experience. When I finished my hour with her I just have this tremendous amount of energy and in a peaceful place feeling empowered and capable."
Gayle P.
"Her approach is honest, up front and not abrasive; which would have been a big no to me... I felt immediately comfortable and confident with Contessa on our first meeting. I have definitely moved forward in my journey of self-improvement."
Brenda S

Here's Your

Chance to Enroll Into
Rebel Rising Freedom Framework
$ 497 Up Front
  • We'll get started as soon as you're ready.

The Golden Guarantee

The promise is simple.

You show up and follow the program, implement the training that I’ve designed for you and reach out when you need some extra hand-holding.

If you still don’t see any changes within you and you feel that the training is becoming too hard to follow within first 30 days or 3 coaching calls then please do honor yourself and send an email to coaching@contessakin.com with ‘refund’ in the subject line for a refund.

Why am I so confident?

  • I’ve gone through the same journey you too are about to take.
  • With this ‘step-by-step framework,’ I’m confident that you’ll start seeing things clearly. You’ll be ready to take charge of your own healing!
  • The Rebel Rising Freedom Framework training and strategies you’ll be implementing have helped me heal from my childhood trauma and have also helped many others like the people you can find on these pages.

Some Quesitions You May Have-

I only take on clients who I know I can help, those who are ready and eager to heal. That makes me very selective about who I take.

I turn away people who aren’t suitable for my programs and don’t believe will get the results they signed up for. 

I am not here to serve people who do not take action, are not committed, make excuses, blame others, and refuse to open up their minds or be willing to transform their thoughts, beliefs, and old stories. If you are one of these people, I gently and respectfully ask that you do not purchase this course and I hope you understand why.  We will not be a good fit together, and I wouldn’t want you to waste your time or money.

That depends on how quickly you take action and make those inner shifts.

Some clients are ready to go and feel more confident in just a few weeks, while others have a bit more work to do first.

It also depends on how eager you are to let go of the hurt. 

If you do all of your homework and be 100% committed to your success, this proven process will work if you take action and implement all of the steps.

All my clients who have diligently followed each step of the 6-Step Rebel Rising Freedom Framework find joy, peace, self- love, have a voice, and safety no matter where they are and move on to building healthy, safe, vibrant relationships. 

The 6-Step Rebel Rising Freedom Framework was created for people who are absolutely excited and deadly serious about healing, getting peace, having a voice, claiming their identity and living in it with confidence.

This means no more punishing yourself, beating yourself up or saying “I don’t know how.”

Consider for a moment what you’ll do with me.  To be in a no-fluff crash course on everything you need to know to heal, you will be expected to take serious and consistent action.  No excuses!

This is a very different way of thinking and you’ll get full-on support while you achieve full core healing from abuse. 

YES! Forgiveness of self is a big part of the Rebel Rising process. 

Without forgiveness it is hard to let go, hard to move forward, hard to heal, and hard to become the person you want to be. 

Rebel Rising will change all this. It will change YOU! 

AWESOME! This is ESPECIALLY for you. 

I won’t be asking you to go have a run-in with the law!  That was the ‘old me!’  In fact, I’ll be asking you to simply stretch yourself consistently, and to step outside of your current comfort zone so you can see just how powerful you really are! 

Rebel Rising is a state of mind that can be YOURS! 

 All coaching calls are recorded. 

You will know exactly where to find the recordings so you can listen to them when you are available.

Great question. I customize a tool for each Rebel Rising (that’s YOU) called the Phoenix. 

We start with your story to help you rise out of the ashes, just like the mythical Phoenix. Identifying your core story and core beliefs will take on a tangible, physical presence, meaning we attach your story to something real, something outside yourself. 

For example, it may be a journal, an article of clothing you wore during the event, or anything outside yourself that can represent your story. And then we burn it. We destroy it. And your true self arises from the ashes! Like a Phoenix!

Still Undecided?

You are ABSOLUTELY Ready to Reclaim your life and your voice if:

  • You have been to a coach or therapist, you are not brand new to healing work and you want to make sure that you achieve what you want to achieve right out of the gates by using step-by-step process and guidance.

  • You’re READY to experience self-love, confidence, peace, safety, connections and whole-self embodiment & expression… with yourself and within a community.

  • You have experienced sexual, physical or emotional trauma and deeply desire to heal in the most whole-hearted ways and not keep dwelling in the past.

  • You know it is your time, you can’t remain in hiding and/or are having two separate identities. The ‘outside-you’ who is faking it for the world and the ‘inside-you’ who is constantly living in pain, guilt, and shame.

  • You’re excited to learn and connect from someone who was in the same place as you are now but has successfully healed through her pain and now is thriving in her life. I believe happiness is contagious!  The things that kept me motivated during my healing journey are the stories and company of fellow survivors.

  • You feel confident getting access to the 6-Step Rebel Rising Freedom Framework and exploring it. And you’re confident to discover what it actually does take to heal…. it’s not years of work – that much I can tell you.

Did you catch yourself nodding your head?

Then YOU ARE READY to become a Rebel!

Quickly…I want to emphasize a few things- 

This program is not for you if you want pure ‘1 on 1’ sessions and you are not ready to implement any learning. 

This program is not for you if you want a 1, 2, 3 step cookie-cutter approach to healing.  (If this was possible, then we’d all be saved by now!) Most of the steps are customized to your unique circumstances.

Most importantly, this program requires honest, personal engagement from YOU!

There’s an old Chinese proverb that I like-

And that states-

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.

The second best time is now.”

I tried, but couldn’t change my past and you can’t either.

I was sexually abused as a child. I can’t reverse the trauma. I can only choose how to show up now in the moments of my life.

Every day when I wake up, I have to embrace the fear that comes from being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and all the vulnerabilities that I feel.

But then I look into the mirror, and I look deep into my own eyes. I find my six-year-old me, and I say, “I love you. You are a beautiful human being. You are worthy of love, and I love you.” 

I invite you to love yourself too.  ALL of you!!

So… take on the challenge and BECOME A REBEL!

Start TODAY on your healing journey.  Don’t you think you’ve made excuses long enough?  I can’t wait to meet you inside!

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