The power to exclaiming, "I AM GOOD ENOUGH!"


 – How to overcome adversity and reinvent yourself like the worthy badass you are
– Break free from your past, reclaim your self worth & self respect
– Learn how to turn problems into opportunities so you can be a Bold Worthy Woman of strength

I'm Contessa, and I am a self-worth coach who helps women take back their power by showing them how to claim their self-worth back! My mission is to help as many people as possible unleash their inner badass, use their voice—and get the life they want without sacrificing anything important along the way.

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Reclaim Your Self-Worth Audio Download

In this 15 minute audio recording, you will get more comfortable with the positive aspects of your character and reclaim your self-worth so you can feel confident, use your voice, stand up for yourself.

Meditation: the modern-day miracle? The evidence is in. If you want to feel calm, centered, and self-aware while stepping into your most connected self – this 15 minute meditation could be just what you need. And guess what? It’s free!

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Who is Talking Here?

Not your average Jane, for sure!

Hi! I’m Contessa Akin, Intimacy & Integrity Coach.

Mother of two beautiful children, Wife, Veteran and most importantly a Rebel.

Certified coach who is living to help other women like the ‘old me’ who are struggling to find love and peace in life.

My secret is to help you find your inner-self that you don’t know you have or have forgotten.

I was also lost once like you.

Sexually abused, deprived by my mother and close family, I grew up hating life and hating myself.

That led to many bad decisions and bad experiences. But I’m proud to say, I overcame that past. And I helped many men and women overcome their past as well.

With years of personal experience, professional training and deep spiritual work, I discovered a process that finally helped me to heal from abuse.

Now my mission is to help you heal too.

*Journey of finding my own worth...raw & uncensored

Aww! My Clients Are The Best!

What my fellow Rebels are saying...

"I lost like 30 pounds! The conversations we were having were more around my core nucleus and my family of origin. We did the work I hadn’t done before. It's going to sound silly from a then 48 year old woman, but I grew up. I was stuck in my past, regardless if I knew it or not, I had been for years stuck in a life that I wasn't participating in."

"I have had major breakthroughs allowing me the ability to move forward in my life goals and purposes. The saying you don’t know what you don’t know is true! I did not know the specific things I was holding onto, or rather the things that were in the driver seat of my life. I have found freedom from those chains and peace and joy in today!! Everyday! Contessa has the gift to lead and guide you through group work, individual work, and events that are life altering."

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Ready to feel good enough, chase after your desires and overall embrace your REAL truth, you are in fact good enough?

It’s not that you don’t have the motivation or willpower— you do! But there are other forces working against you.

That’s why its time for you to rise up and be a Worthiness Warrior. Here you get ALL the tools you need:

• Gain the confidence, self-love and peace you deserve
• Learn how to adopt habits that will change your life for good
• Discover techniques that are proven by science
• Be your own hero for your life from within
• Stop just surviving; live!
• Realize that worthiness is a practice, not a destination

Let’s get started! I’m here for you.

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