“I lost like 30 pounds!  The conversations we were having were more around my core nucleus and my family of origin.


We did the work I hadn’t done before.


It's going to sound silly from a then 48 year old woman, but I grew up. I was stuck in my past, regardless if I knew it or not, I had been for years stuck in a life that I wasn't participating in. Again, countless counselors, Pathways, tons of work and I was still stuck, down deep where we bury things, I was stuck dealing with something that had happened to me as a child. I had stuffed those feelings along with any other feelings over the years that I didn't like, I had stuffed them with food for as long as I can remember. Contessa was right there with me as she pulled me to the other side. I can honestly say that after Pathways I thought I had become a human being instead of a human doer, but honestly I didn't fully get there until Contessa pulled me to the other side. The biggest change I have made since working with Contessa is that I am living my life to the best of my ability, and when I don't have the ability, I go and research more so I can learn what needs to happen. I am in charge of my own destiny 100% now. I have the power to do whatever needs to happen, in all situations.” - Sharon Miller

“I love Contessa.  Contessa is to the point!  She brings it hard,


I need the challenge and she is very intuitive


its snap, snap, snap let’s get this stuff done!” - Becky Owens

“Working with Contessa is very empowering, it’s enlightening and it’s just such a positive experience.  When I finished my hour with her


I just have this tremendous amount of energy and in a peaceful place


feeling empowered and capable.” - Gayle Powell

“Contessa has helped me put my entire life into perspective. She has helped me discover what issues are in my past that have been holding me back from my ideal life. She has the ability to hear what resonates with me as well as what pulls me down. Even though we can’t see each other as we talk,


I feel she knows me


and how to detect the great and the not so great in my language. I am extremely grateful for your insights as well as your knowledge.

You are the best! You are worth every penny times 10!”

-Scott Burnside

“I am so grateful for you! I appreciated you taking the time to help me begin and start formulating “my life plan”. You were patient with me and truly cared. It helped me so much that you paid attention to my body language and answers. You built from that on what questions to ask. I felt comfortable as we talked. I remember telling you that a scene from the movie Parent Trap kept coming to my mind with the camp counselor. I didn’t know what it meant but felt it had some importance and would make itself known at the right time. One of the biggest things we talked about was my desire to move to Montana. You helped me think through the steps that needed to be taken.


I felt like if I could accomplish that goal my other life plan goals would fall into place…………and they have!


That night you made me feel like moving across the country and following my dream wasn’t unattainable, but very possible and that I had the strength from within to make it happen. I needed that!”

-Cat McCauly

“I started working with Contessa in March 2015. Her approach is honest, upfront and not abrasive; which would have been a big no to me. I am cautious with who and what I allow to influence my life. I felt immediately comfortable and confident with Contessa on our first meeting. I have definitely moved forward in my journey of self-improvement. I feel when we meet, I can be honest and not be judged. Each experience we uncover things I had no idea were even there.


Contessa seems to know what to touch on like its second nature.


I trust her direction and greatly appreciate being able to talk with someone and to uncover my future. Contessa is personable, fun, genuine, knowledgeable and professional.”

-Brenda Sisson


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