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As a life coach, I am brought into your ring as a loving, supportive space to cheer you on to let go of the beliefs you have unconsciously chosen that enable you to shrink. I am the encouraging and deafening voice challenging every limiting ceiling you have built on your success. I am there to whisper in your ear, Of course, you’re worth it. Do it. You are not here to play small.

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Once a year I open up my Movement Mastermind and we work together for one year to get you moving on your goals faster and more efficiently. My first mastermind, I was able to accomplish in 6 months everything I wanted to accomplish in the last 5 years. Masterminds are worth the time and energy!

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Why would anyone want to walk on Fire? Can you imagine how great it would feel when you are able to overcome your self-limiting beliefs and turn them into power? How much more successful would be you be? How much happier would you feel? How much more productive would you be? Taking part in walking on Fire allows you to experience and discover the answers to the above and much more. These are just a few of the benefits of attending a fire-walking event.


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