Who is Contessa Akin?

Take control of your destiny, one step at a time


Contessa Akin is an Intuitive Life Coach, World Class Rebel, Firewalking Instructor, and an author. She is certified through Anthony Robbins-Cloe Madanes Strategic Intervention, Firewalking Institute of Research and Education as a Fire-walking Instructor and is NLP certified through NLP Learning Systems as well as a Pathways Core Training Graduate. Having overcome a dark past and thinking the world would be better without her, Contessa decided to take control of her destiny. She made a personal decision to live a meaningful life and thus embarked on a journey of personal development and improvement that has seen her become who she is today. A lady who has moved from being a Victim to a Victor. Despite her experiences, she has taken life by the horns and lives a


purposeful life.


Due to her background and traumatic past, Contessa loves working with women who have experienced trauma.


Her work ensures that the clients experience peace, freedom to scale higher heights, get the zeal to engage in careers of their dream, courage to take risks, go away to school, join a movement, see the world, assert their own ideas as well as attract the love they desire and deserve. Currently, she is writing a book ‘Rebel Rising: How I went from wanting to be dead to loving everything in my head’ Contessa also volunteers for an organization that Dr. Phil created teachings for as a way of giving back to the society. She has also run a successful network marketing business within a Fortune 500 Company and has also mastered the art of Jet Engine Maintenance. Contessa’s greatest lesson to her clients is taking control of their destiny


one step at a time.


Besides work, Contessa is a wife to a Dallas Police Officer and a mother of two beautiful children whom she home-schools. She lives a life that is free, beautiful, with courage and knowledge of her true self-worth.


NLP Learning Systems—Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Level 1 Certification

Firewalking Institute for Research and Education—Certified Firewalking Instructor

Pathways Core Training

Robbins-Madanes Coach Training—200 hour Life Coach Certification


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